Tuokiokuvia – Snapshots of our Christmas


Pöytä on katettu. The dinner table is all set.

Samppanja on kaadettu. The champagne is ready to be enjoyed.

Jussin parempi Kesäsilli on joulupöydän klassikko.

Herrings and Baltic herrings are the classics of Scandinavian christmas food.

Hailuotolainen siianmäti.

White fish roe from Northern Botnia Sea.

Graavilohta on oltava paljon!


Puuhaa ennen pukin tuloa.

Gingerbread cookies decoration.

Rasia on tyhjentynyt.

All done!


And table decoration by Mari.

Pukki toi lahjat.

In Finland Santa comes to the homes on Christmas Eve.

Pukki tanssitti Mammua.

Santa likes dancing.

Kiitos pukki!

Thank you Santa Claus for the gifts and especially for the memorable moment.

Playfulness is the best gift in life!

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